Quality is everything, and that’s exactly what I’m here to offer you. Your website or blog can’t afford to publish second-rate content because your readers won’t put up with it. Today’s web users expect the content they read online to be just as good as what they read in magazines or newspapers. If that’s the kind of content you’re looking for, this is the gig for you.

Here’s what working with me on this gig will look like:

Step One: We’ll have an initial discussion to discuss the topic of your article, keywords you’d like used*, voice, style, etc.

Step Two: I’ll get to work on your content. That doesn’t mean diving right in to pump out X,000 words as fast as I can. It means research. It means planning. Your article will be accurate,┬áinsightful, and include citations where appropriate.

Step Three: I’ll deliver your content within the agreed upon timeframe, and you will then have seven days to request a revision. I never, NEVER, deliver the minimum number of words paid for. It’s in my best interests to make sure you’re as happy as possible.

*Note: I’ll never sacrifice readability to stuff in extra keywords. This isn’t the gig for that.

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